Artwork Ideas for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is not like other spaces in your home. They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and with that being said, it deserves to carry a touch of your personality. Whether you have wooden cabinets, glass or a combination of materials - putting art to the mix will add flair to the walls. Here are some examples from our wide and varied range of pieces that would work excellently in almost any kitchen. Find the perfect piece of art, whether an original vintage poster or limited art print, to make your kitchen more, you.

1. Original drink vintage posters

7-Up - Fresh Up, 1920, by Charles Leiper Grigg


The “7-Up - Fresh Up” poster was created in 1920 by Charles Leiper Grigg. It brings back the vibes of vintage America, even that of the 1940s and the 1950s. If you’re a fan of 7-up, hanging this vintage poster next to the bar in your kitchen or the refrigerator would add to the overall atmosphere.

Alternatively, you could even try setting up an entire vintage themed wall in your kitchen. Perhaps make a small sitting area for the family to stay in tune with the art print. Get this original poster from the 1948 7-Up “Fresh Up” marketing campaign for only £125.

2. Entertaining art deco vintage posters

Baratti e Milano Torino, 1950, by Pluto 

The Baratti e Milano Torino is a famous confectionery shop founded in 1858. This print features a sharp complementary colour contrast of orange and blue tones by Italian artist Pluto. The use of black colour slightly tones down the artwork for the subjects to pop through.

This vintage poster focuses on a woman dressed in toffee wrapping, sprinkling chocolates and candies. If you have a sweet tooth and find yourself gravitating towards sugary foods, this original vintage poster could be your most prized possession.

The Baratti e Milano Torino 1950 original poster is available for £1325 in the unframed form. You could also get an oak, white or black framing for an additional £200.

Perrier, 1995, by Bernard Villemot


This vintage poster is a fusion of minimalism and entertaining appeal. While it’s a commercial poster, the sensuality of the subject portrays art deco style. The artwork was designed by Bernard Villemot, who was a graphic and poster designer for multiple commercial agencies. Whether you’re a fan of Perrier the drink or Villemot the artist, this combination of aspects make this piece perfect to liven up a kitchen wall.

It is the vibrant colours used in the background and black in the foreground along with jewels that portrays entertainment in this poster. This use of colour and contrast is specific to Villemot. If your kitchen has a neutral wall like black, white, grey or any brown tones, adding the ‘Perrier’ vintage poster could bring more life and give the 90s pop feeling with a burst of colour!

3. Humourous food art prints

Love Is, Limited Art Print, by Valeria Potaichuk.


The ‘Love Is’ art print is a romantic reminder that could add a bit of playfulness to any kitchen. Depicting a toaster and toast in beautiful cartoon style, this tongue in cheek piece fits beautifully, adding warmth to the kitchen space. The artist, Valeria Potaichuk demonstrates her skills in graphic design and illustration in a humorous manner. She enjoys telling a story using vivid colours that compliment one another.

If you love the fusion of romance, food, kitchen appliances and stories, you could hang this art print in your kitchen. The warm colours would suit well against any wall colour.  Particularly, the entrance could make the best place to evoke happiness. This limited art print makes a valuable addition to any kitchen wall at £38 for an unframed piece of A3 size and £55 for that of A2.

Délicieux, Limited Art Print, by Thomas Gaudinet.


‘Delicieux’ by Thomas Gaudinet portrays a different sense of humour. The artist is an illustrator from France, and through his minimalist style, the bright light tones and stark colour contrasts piece strongly. The subjects are also unusual yet ordinary, making it essential for those interested in familiar yet spectacular stories.

With tennis balls instead of meatballs, the work invites the viewer to ignite their imagination. The colour scheme would breathe life into any space that lacks a pop of colour. This artwork only has 100 numbered limited prints available in A2 and A3 sizes.

4. Playful and fun art prints

Evening Art Print, by Niamh McCarthy. 


The pale pink background of the Evening Art Print by Niamh McCarthy will give your kitchen an open atmosphere. The artist’s style is unique for exploring and creating fun artworks having both light and bright colours.

The vibrant foreground consisting of oranges, tomatoes, lemons and a drink create a striking contrast. Try hanging it near the fruit basket to add to the fun. This 16.5 by 16.5 inch square unframed art print is only for £30, with various framing options available.

Kitchen Squad Art Print, by Alina Tyshchuk. 


‘Kitchen Squad’ by Alina Tyshchuk is a playful portrayal of cooking. The four chefs are all carrying out their designated tasks. The pale blue in the background creates a soothing effect, while the smiling faces and body shapes of the figures depict how being in the kitchen could be a delightful experience. It’s the perfect art print to hang above the space where you work through your food.

5. Minimalist food art prints 

Cakes, by Maria Ylvisaker. 

If you like minimal art prints but portray a particular food or drink, ‘Cakes’ by Maria Ylvisaker would make a perfect addition to the minimalist kitchen. When you get two colours in artwork, it follows a dichromatic colour scheme. With simple circular, rectangular and cylindrical shapes, the repetition creates a pleasant feeling for its viewer.

The art print is subtle, with pastel pink and brownish-pink hues. It could look great, especially if you have red tints in your kitchen, such as maroon textured wood.  Since the work features cakes, you could hang them near the oven. Get this art print for £27 in A3 size and £38 in A2.