Minimalist Artwork Ideas For Your Space


Not every space requires vibrant colours and detailed design, as the old saying goes - sometimes you can say more by saying less. With our vast and varied catalogue of original posters and art prints for sale, it can indeed be tempting to go all out colour (which of course, we love!) To curate a restrained, minimalist aesthetic however, is in many cases bolder and more striking.

Whether it’s a simple palette or even sticking to monochrome, our collections have countless works from original abstract designs to vintage luxury fashion posters to compliment a light, bright and modern setting equally to a moodier and ornate space.

Negative Space 

Bally by Bernard Villemot nicknamed and known as "Pink Shoes", is immediately recognizable with its iconic design from the famed poster and graphic designer. With the central figure's curved outline and powerful contrasting coolers creating mystery through its minimalism. The vintage fashion poster piece exudes luxury and is in excellent condition, with museum-quality linen backing to ensure preservation and condition for years to come.


Continuing the dark and negative space theme, Waldemar Wiery, an award-winning artist, crafted a collection of "Jazz Greats" pieces that include the greatest Jazz musicians of all time. This beautiful original music poster depicts Ray Charles. He favored the pseudonym "Brother Ray" among his friends and fellow musicians, and he was also known as "The Genius." These two pieces showcase the minimalist use of colour, shape and space, allowing the viewers eye to imagine what is going on in the darkened areas of the scene. 

Neutral Tones

The artworks of  Paris based designer and illustrator Pierre Tassin are peaceful,  with a colorful and minimalist spirit, talking about oniric interpretation of everyday details. He loves to let the subject breathe in a big empty and vibrant space. The pieces contain great detail in expansive minimalist settings. We have 8 original art prints in our collection by the artist.

A widely known poster from the 20th Century, Prêt à Porter was one of Razzia's first posters, which was used in Vogue and Harpers Bazaar magazines around the world. The Prêt à Porter fashion show was a big hit, and Razzia has been associated with poster design for high fashion ever since, including a long and successful collaboration with Louis Vuitton. “Paris" is written in metallic gold text on this poster, and it looks amazing framed. The neutral pallete, simple format and medium size of this original fashion poster make it perfect for a smaller space.

The artwork of Madelyn Bilsborough is full of simple shapes and neutral tones. A graphic Designer from Sydney, Australia residing along the Northern Beaches, she spent significant time abroad, and so a lot of her works are inspired by the vast landscapes, cultures and architecture from countries around the world as well as exposure to the outdoors and beaches growing up. We have 8 original abstract art prints and minimalist art prints in our collection from the artist.



This Dior Homme poster features actor Boyd Holbrook and is from the Fall 2015 collection. To go along with this and other posters, there is a film called Paris XVIE in which Boyd is seen walking around Paris dancing, sipping cocktails and collecting flowers. This extra-large original fashion poster is a statement in itself, measuring French-Grande size 47 x 63", perfect for creating a luxury centrepiece without needing to be full of colour or overpowering. 

This award edition poster design for The Last Picture Show is much like the film itself, understated, simple, and black and white. This one-sheet original movie poster for the beautiful film is the perfect minimalist design to offset its surroundings. 

This 1987 poster for Miles Davis’ live shows in Paris is a simple and powerful piece. Photographed by Irving Penn, the black and white portrait of the original music poster is beautiful, interesting, painful all at the same time. At 24 x 35” it’s a great size for a feature piece.

Cool Palette 

Speaking of jazz, this wonderful mid-century style design original release for La La Land is a beautiful original film poster style with great colour. The blue and off white tones, reminiscent of jazz concert posters work perfectly in a light and open space. 

The vibrant blue against the vast white backdrop of Henri Matisse's original offset lithograph poster Blue Nude II is the perfect example of minimal colour. This official edition original art poster, printed in 2000, is in excellent condition and features one of the most famous designs of all time on 250g art stock paper. The minimal, simple cut out shapes of the figure is one of the most iconic designs of the past century.