Supporting Artists To Achieve A Fair Price – Our Mission & Commitment

Printed Originals was founded on a number of different basis. One of the key pillars was a frustration with achieving a fair price as an up-and-coming artist. The difficulties in finding an audience for your work and getting publicity when you don’t have the resources or support can become insurmountable. We offer every artist we collaborate with a platform on which they can promote their work and grow their reach completely free of charge.

An artists work is vital. They create joy and emotion through beauty. They create reflections of society and imagined worlds. Now, perhaps more than ever, we need escapism, commentary, dissection.

Arts professionals are requested to work for free, for little pay, for exposure or for favour hand-outs on an extremely disproportionate level to other fields. Hourly or fair split rates are so often so difficult to find for artists before they are established.

It is paramount to remember: an artist or designer isn’t solely being paid for the time it takes to complete a project, they are also being paid for the years of work they have dedicated to become an expert with the ability to deliver to the specification and timescales required.

Our commitment also takes us to the key aspect of the agreement – sales. We provide a service whereby Printed Originals provides the resources of marketing, printing and distribution, and covers these costs, before sharing the profits between both parties at a percentage far more beneficial than the market rate. All art prints sold across the website are listed in end-to-end collaboration with the artist themselves, from pricing and sizing, to number of prints. This gives the artist the power to decide how they want their work to be viewed, valued, and how much they want to earn per piece. It is completely a transparent and collective process. 

We are proud that, in these ever uncertain times, we are able to provide a friendly, no strings attached route for artists to earn an income. We will always support artists, and will always fight for the creative arts as a career.