Our brilliant artists come from all over the globe, and cover countless styles and disciplines of art. Each artist is handpicked for their unique style, approach or attitude. Learn their stories and find your favourite below.

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Aash Bag

Ashrit is a photographer and a visual artist, who earned his Bachelor’s in Visual Communication from College of Art, Delhi, India. As an artist he looks for a sense of ‘Boldness and Fearlessness’  and his aim is to show the beauty, grace, strength, intensity and enthusiasm of people, society and daily life. Ashrit is a passionate traveller, on a continuous wanderlust for art, music and portraits.

Adam Banaszek

Adam is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Warsaw, currently living in Munich. He likes to draw. Especially funny and colorful stuff.  He constantly experiments with new styles and techniques, always balancing on the edge of his creative comfort zone. 
His works are inspired mostly by books, movies, travels, random encounters 
and aliens that implanted a chip in his head when he was a cute little boy. You can see more of his work on his Instagram or on his website

Aisling Cheesman

Aisling Cheesman is a Windsor based Artist. She creates a range of paintings from still life, animals to abstract landscapes. Aisling revels in colour and hopes to inspire positivity and happiness during this surreal time in our lives. See more of her work on instagram @aislingsart

Agustín Gagliano

Agustín Gagliano is an architect and illustrator college graduate from the National University of Córdoba. Born in Villa María, Córdoba, Argentina in 1992.
His work bets on the emotional, conjugated with the formal equilibrium and graphic synthesis, immersed in a silent, introspective frame and bound with a spirit playful and naive, but with conceptual strength, keep sensitivity so much in the lines as in the composition. Thoughts his sketches are made in a traditional paper and pencil, he found in digital tools and vector lines the way to express this synthesis with a polished style
In recent years his illustrations have been published in institutional books and magazines from the local university setting, independent digital magazines, and awarded by entities like the United Nations, the Inter-American Development Bank, and Allianz Global Investors, Spain.

Alessia Gallarini

Alessia Gallarini is a Milan-based artist whose work focuses on female mentality. 

Alexandra Poienari

About the artist: "My artistic path has always been closely related to design, as my illustrations are, at their core, basic geometric elements. In art, as in design, having the right foundation when it comes to composition grants one unlimited possibilities. Through my illustrations I convey childhood and its playfulness - aspects of our life which leave a strong mark that we carry into adulthood. I've always considered that in the end, our mind remains the same playground."

Alina Tyshchuk

Alina is an illustrator and printmaker from Ukraine. Currently based in Poland. I make digital illustrations and mixed-media prints. You can find her at @alina.tyshchuk.prints. 

Alketa Studio

Alketa is a painter based in Verona. Alketa's paint based work features themes of femininity, summer, and the beach. The vibrant blues and pinks create a hazy mood that fit perfectly, reminiscent of a past time.

Amandine Gaubert

Amandine Gaubert, Beaux-Arts graduated, is an illustrator and designer who lives and works in the south-east of France. Her work is inspired by Mediterranean culture, legendary sites of French Riviera, retro PLM posters and works of Picasso and Matisse. Her style is characterized by collage technique with stiff papers of bright and saturated colors. Her idea is to create relief and give a unique character to each composition. You can follow her work at www.amandinegaubert.com or @amandine_gaubert.

Amisha Sood

Amisha Sood is an architect based in India. Amisha's artwork comprises mostly of oil pastel illustrations and paintings, and some digital pieces of art as well. She loves working with bold and vibrant oil pastel colors on paper as they add a unique texture and depth to the piece of art.

Anastacia Sholik

About the artist: "My name is Anastacia Sholik and I am an illustrator from Ukraine. At present I am working a lot as a mom. Also, you can find my commercial works in editorial illustrations for sites and for magazines and in textile design. I worked with The New York Times, Quartz, Intercom, Grid Magazine, Slowdown Studio and other companies. Moreover I contributed to artbooks, took part in exhibitions and won some competitions. My paintings are included in collections of Ukrainian and USA buyers. About my commercial works you can find more information on Behance page.
Personal works, experiments and also commercial too - on Instagram page "

Andrea Pecatikov

"Hello World! BICANIKO NO:17 is an art project by Andrea Pecatikov - an Electrical Engineer by accident, creative at heart. Inspired by Rorschach inkblot tests, I explore meanings and moods with complex compositions of seemingly inconsequential shapes. I use photos of aluminum foil, hand drawn illustrations and abstract geometries to construct my designs. Take a break. Breathe in. Look again. What do you really see?"

Andrea Sanz Bonilla

Andrea Sanz Bonilla is a graphic artist whose digital work features aspects of surrealism, modernity and science-fiction.

Angela Tao

Based in the green hills of Virginia, Angela Tao creates pastel landscapes with Posca pens. Influenced by the bright and magical way she viewed the world as a youth, Angela aims to inspire a similar childlike wonder in her colourful pieces. 

Anna Krzanowska

Anna Krzanowska is an artist working in Warsaw, Poland. Pastels are her favourite painting technique. Using this technique she draw portraits. They are a kind of journal for her - a record of her emotions and mood.

Anuya Joshi

About the artist: "I am Anuya Joshi from Maharashtra, India. I have completed Masters of Fine Arts. Was working as graphic/web designer. I like to paint each form of art such as folk art, contemporary, abstract, etc. I love nature so my paintings reflect it. I consider that art is a meditation, which gives you peace and energy."

Ashwin Tanjore Shyamsundar

Ashwin is a User Experience Designer, currently living in Antibes, in the south of France. He enjoys sketching urban landscapes using pen and ink and his art is mostly inspired by the places he has lived and visited.

Atika Bennamane

Atika is an Edinburgh based artist and printmaker who specialises in producing bright and abstract prints. Growing up glued to a computer with a love of retro games (also currently working full time in digital to pay her bills), she tries to capture a feeling of being in a strange unknown 2D space that doesn’t quite exist.

Ayah Zabin 

Ayah Zabin is a digital illustrator whose minimal, sometimes line-based work is strongly set in monochrome black and white.

Berenice Mazounie

Berenice is a French interior designer and illustrator based in London. She illustrates minimal and modern illustrations through the use of simple shapes and colours.

Bethany Lord

Bethany Lord is a London based illustrator who’s work is original, bold and colourful focusing on lifestyle and travel. She has recently illustrated a children’s book using bold digital colour palettes and different layering techniques to create depth and detail in her illustrations. Her latest work explores aerial views and uses digital technology on the iPad Pro. Bethany has drawn on her experiences from her travels and experiencing different cultures, inspiring her to create pieces of work.

Brandon Perl

Brandon Perl is a designer, painter, sculptor, and teacher based out of Chicago, Illinois. He received his B.S. from Illinois State University in Glass Blowing and went on to pursue a Master Degree in Art Education from DePaul University. Brandon’s work predominantly falls in the two-dimensional media of painting, drawing, and graphic design. He focuses on rhythmic linework, layering, and colour to create compositions that are inspired by his love for music, entertainment, and life experiences.
Brandon’s process is drawn from the subconscious mind and the intuition and intelligence gained from past experiences and the unknown. This is translated into shapes, patterns, and images that layer each other much like our own personal experiences, ideas, and exposure to time.
Brandon would describe his work and style as “visual vibration”. Using ink, coloured pencil, paint and a variety of other media Brandon’s designs express a unique grittiness that is coupled with his original style and symphonic line. Much of his process is intuitive. Each choice and alteration made to the surface impacts how he moves forward. Colour is an important aspect of Brandon’s work and his knowledge and intricate use of colour theory are exemplified within his works.
Brandon’s goal as an artist is to continue to create, inspire and collaborate with people around him. He strives to continue to evolve in his process and style. As Brandon grows in his practice he would like to see his work take on larger challenges.

     Brent Williamson

Brent Williamson is U.S based artist who predominantly uses mixed-media to create collage based art.

Bronte Mark

Bronte Mark is an illustrator from Meanjin/Brisbane, Australia. Her work invokes a sense of humour and naivety as well as depth and warmth. Her work is unique for portraying place and object in a world like ours, but not quite. Influenced by her sub-tropical living, her work boasts bright saturated colours paired with a painterly technique. You can find more of her work on Instagram @brontemark or at www.brontemark.com.

Buffalo NM

B.1988 U.S. (Tairey Crew) - A painter, sculptor, designer/ builder known mostly for his large scale outdoor public installations plus his geometric, colourful, dimensional murals and sculptural hard-edge paintings. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree of General Studies comprised of several inter-disciplinary fields, including Anthropology, Social Psychology, Painting & Design. His practice is largely informed by the work of several artists who deal with Shape, Color, Space, and Light. He has worked collaboratively with several international artists including Camille Walala, and Felipe Pantone. He comes from the culture of skateboarding and diy punk scene of the early 2000s--he bridges his knowledge and skills learned in various construction industries with his formal education in Art and Design.

Cecile M.

Cecile M. is a Lyon based artist who uses mixed-media to create her experience based work.

Cahide Buse Karasu

Cahide Buse Karasu is a watercolour painter from Turkey.

      Camila Nogueira

Camila Nogueira is a digital artist based in Porto. Camila’s work often focuses on travel and uses vibrant reds, purples and blues in her palette.

Camille Agostini

Camille Agostini is a painter whose work explores areas of abstract expressionism and surrealism.

Candela De Bortoli

Candela De Bortoli is an architect and a graphic artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is passionate about all things graphic, particularly graphic design, illustration and photography, which are incorporated up to certain extent in each poster. The artist draws inspiration from her own travels, places she’s been or buildings she got the chance to visit. Her latest work is experimental and intuitive, as she tries to create minimal and geometric posters that can convey a particular space. All posters are created digitally using Adobe software.

Caren Ross

Caren Ross is an illustration artist based in Italy. She is attending the illustration course at the International School of Comics of Padua. Her illustrations originates from books, lyrics of songs, visited places and lived events. She principally use markers, pens and  acrylic for her illustrations.

Carla Quirante

Carla Quirante is a graphic designer from Barcelona. 

The Halos project consists of the development of a graphic system based on the mechanisms of optical illusions to represent sensations. 

Cassandra Harrison

Cassandra Harrison is an American artist living in Edinburgh, Scotland. 
Trained as a Fine Artist and Art Educator, Cassandra’s work has featured in International Art Exhibitions, as well as creating prints, cards and pins for local shops, commissions for Deciem, Modern Standard Coffee and private homes.  Cassandra’s work is anchored in place.  She has a fascination with architecture and loves to travel, taking her sketch materials wherever she goes.

Cathy Hogan

Cathy Hogan is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Cork City. Nature, cinema, retro fashion and interiors are some of her main influences. She takes inspiration from everyday life and her surroundings, adding a fun, new perspective to the mundane.

Catur Argi

Catur Argi is a graphic designer who describes themselves as "Having fun exploring various design styles."

Charlotte Capo

Young French designer Charlotte, from the South of France, has always been passionate about graphic creation. Largely influenced by her Mediterranean origins, her creations reflect the multicultural character of her region. Charlotte craves artist discovery and likes to share her emotions through her work.

Chelsea Harrison

Chelsea Harrison is a Bristol based graphic illustrator whose work features themes such as animals and Japan.

Cherry Avdianty Santoso

Cherry Avdianty Santoso is a 3D Artist and Hand Lettering Artist from
Jakarta, Indonesia. Her works are heavily inspired by her childhood imaginations and her surroundings. Her mission is to spread positivity and joy to everyone around the world, as she believes that everyone deserves them. 
You can follow more of her work @calli.cherry or https://www.behance.net/cherrysantoso

Christine Designs

Christine Dy is a designer, illustrator, and visual artist based in Manila. She loves illustrating different food and architecture around the world to keep her wanderlust at bay.

Christine Mühlberger

About the artist: "My drawings are a product of Covid-19. At first they were just a way to fill the infinitely long time alone and regain control over processes and things. They also helped me become more attentive, thoughtful, and curious. I felt more connected to people and life again. My work doesn't teach, accuse, or politicize - it's just fun.

Minimalist, pure and limited to the essentials: the figurative minimal style uses the element of one-line drawing. With a continuous line, I capture subjectively essential characteristics of the objects. The determining element is the omission in favor of an exciting design.

All drawings are made with an ink pen and only one single line on paper. I am a drafter, dance teacher, office worker and live with my children in Wuppertal. I show my portfolio on Instagram with @amble.arts."

Chompussorn Paiboonmahapong

About the artist: "My name is Chompussorn Paiboonmahapong, a newbie graphic designer from Bangkok, Thailand. As you can see from my works, I would like to present that graphics can communicate in a variety of ways, not just the forms or layouts that are arranged in a beautiful arrangement, but it is much more than that. It can express the feelings, emotions and mental. So my works present a wide variety of graphics that based on the moods of the time I create, so the colours, lines and shapes come out in a unified form."

Clémentine Rocheron

Clémentine Rocheron is a French illustrator expressing ideas in a poetic way to highlight projects close to her heart. She illustrates for publishing houses, children, personal development, travels, or even natural cosmetics. After several years of collaboration in Shanghai, she is now based in South of France in the middle of nature, expressing messages of passion, inspiration and fantasy through her own creativity.

Dan Poharyskyi

Dan Poharyskyi is an English illustrator based in the Czech Republic. His colourful and stylised  work is largely inspired by architecture and travel. He has illustrated several children’s books in the Czech Republic and recently started to make new work based on vintage travel posters combining colour, detail and a childlike sense of wonder.

      Danzaka Aoi

Danzaka Aoi is a Japan based artist whose work focuses on the every day life, including focus on home interior and animals. The every day themes are subverted in extremely vivid colour.
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Deborah Czernecky

Deborah Czernecky is an established Canadian Artist who is an Elected Member of the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA) and an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA). Having traveled widely from western to eastern Canada and across the awe-inspiring Canadian North, Deborah calls Canada her “Big Backyard”. She has also painted in the USA and further abroad in Europe and Central America. The varied scenery Deborah has encountered has heightened her sense of formation, colours and patterns.
Deborah grew up in an artistic family in the interior of British Columbia developing a life long passion for paint and nature, especially its spirituality. While primarily an “en plein air” painter, she has produced a diverse body of work ranging from the raw power of the majestic Canadian Rockies to the serenity of an early “Morning Row” in the mist on the lake (selected by Ducks Unlimited for its 2018 Art Portfolio), from the ghostly aura of medieval Templar temples to the enthusiastic joy of colourful bicycles in Costa Rica. Whether painting on location or in the studio, Deborah combines her dynamic palette with elements of abstraction and traditional realism to convey the essence of the subject matter.

Diego Amprimo

Diego Amprimo was born in Turin on 11/12/1969 and attended the Art School in 1987/88 and then went to the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts at the School of Painting. He graduated in the 1991/92 academic year. Since 2008 he has lived and worked in Marene in the Province of Cuneo, he got married in 2006 and has 2 children Riccardo and Giovanni.  The artist says about his work:
"Since I was a child I have been interested in the architectural environment that surrounded me: TURIN (ROMAN, BAROQUE and 19TH CENTURY city). At the same time, I was strongly attracted to human faces (male and female), especially their expressions and the gestures of their bodies. Initially I drew these elements separately, on the one hand the city with arcaded squares and baroque churches, large domes, bell towers with various types of spiers and on the other a set of faces with strong mimicry and rash gestures.
Then I began to arrange the characters on an architectural theatrical backdrop like actors playing a part in a comedy. At a certain point I decided to intersect the various elements to create a human-architectural "chaos". Starting from the assumption that in a group of people talking to each other, the listeners stare at the main actor who at that moment declaims his part, right at that moment his face becomes the SET-ARCHITECTURE (like the Sckenè of the Greek theater-Romano) and his voice becomes the actor who plays in front of the audience. If the face becomes architecture, consequently it suffers the historical-stylistic influences. It becomes Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque or Neoclassical. It splits, collapses, collides with / meets eighteenth-century palaces and is surrounded by rounded arcades that become pointed arches. Lintels, pediments, eyes and noses, flying buttresses, breasts and hair all in a mental vortex and graphic sign that springs from the drawn sheets and the canvases."

      Diego Estebo

Diego Estebo is a Galicia-based artist. The textures and block colours are key features of the unique work, which covers themes from film to music.

Denise Schiber

Denise Schiber is from the United States. Bright, fresh colours, and loose brushstrokes are key to her paintings with a focus on emphasizing light and shadows. Architecture and gardens have been the inspiration for several of her paintings.

      Dongsan Nabi

Dongsan Nabi is a Korean artist, whose work deals with stories of sex and love between people, through the appearance of butterflies and moths throughout the pieces.


DSG is a graphic illustrator whose minimalist work is mainly centred around travel, and has trademark cutting lines and contrasting strong colour. 


Echeberry is a Kingston upon Thames based painter, architect and University lecturer with Basque roots. He describes himself as a nomad of the XXIst Century as he lived in Basque Country, Denmark, Rome, Warsaw and London.
His natural interest in creativity - as a way to understand the essence of beauty - has been evolving constantly wherever he was, however it always comes back to his roots. He does not have a clear pattern in his works, due to the fact that he runs away from repetitive solutions. 
His references are architects like Richard Neutra, Alvar Aalto, Mies van der Rohe, etc., artists like J. Oteiza, and painters like Hockney, J.M. Lazkano, Matisse, etc. 
He received a very early formation from May Colmenero and continued there all over his childhood. In the University he received artistic drawing lessons while he was studying architecture. During the period he lived in Rome he received lessons from Ms. Cianci when he changed his way of painting into a more natural and freer. Since then, he mixes hidden meanings and metaphors with simple spaces to suggest self-emotional states. You can find more of his work at www.echeberry.com/art

Elyse France

Elyse is an oil and acrylic painter from the Northeast United States. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Psychology, Elyse has moved to multiple states across the country, taking inspiration from the bright colours and rich textures she encounters in her day-to-day life. Whether she is painting a still life, portrait, or abstract piece, Elyse enjoys highlighting the unique interplay of colour and light she sees in that moment while emphasizing dynamic composition. Elyse’s gallery of work can be found on Instagram at @elysefrance.

Emily Lasko

Emily Lasko is a digital artist whose work takes a whimsical approach to portraying female empowerment. The use of earth-toned colour palettes bring a sense of wonder and calm to her work.

Emily Brooks

Emily Brooks is an illustrator who graduated University of Brighton with a BA Illustration. Currently based in Suffolk, she is completing an MA Children’s Book Illustration at Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge. Emily’s illustration work combines painting and drawing to create playful and striking images that explore a sense of place, character, and atmosphere. Her collection poses a series of pieces created during lockdown that investigate travel through the limitations of Google Maps and internet sources. Through this method, an idealised snapshot of travel is taken, resulting in a vibrant, graphic, and exaggerated view of the world.

Emily Reay

About the artist: Emily Reay is a cartoonist and illustrator based in Omaha, Nebraska. Drawing inspiration from vintage textile design and the animated cartoons of her childhood, she uses bold linework and colour to create playful pieces that explore a range of themes."

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      Emma Atterbury

Emma Atterbury's artwork is the embodiment of the real natural world if it were visibly littered with the odd and enchanted. Undomesticated, vibrant, and whimsical, her work takes on questioning what our place here on this planet means. Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA where this artist creates all of her work.

      Emma Rodriguez

Emma Rodriguez is a digital illustrator whose work features great blocks of colour and minimalistic shapes.

Elyssa Padillo

Elyssa is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. Her bright and youthful pieces reflect the nostalgia of growing up within the vibrant and colourful walls of her grandmother’s house back in the Philippines. Her work focuses mostly on making the mundane look more interesting by using abstract shapes and bold colours.

Evgeniya Skubina

Evgeniya Skubina is a freelance illustrator and artist based in Moscow, Russia. She gets inspired by forms and colours and specialises in editorial and polygraphy illustrations (but not only). Her clients were Glamour, Tatler, Jardin Coffee and others.

Fanny Modena

Fanny Modena also @petit.tyranillu on Instagram is an illustration student from Geneva, Switzerland. 


FULE is a visual artist based in Taipei who works with acrylic painting,
installation and graphic design to create surrounding urban buildings and spaces.

      George Howlett

George Howlett is an Illustrator based in Winchester. He is a graduate of the BA Animation Production course at The Arts University Bournemouth. George has worked on a variety of freelance and personal illustration projects, exploring different mediums and styles. He also has a passion for children's illustration and a love for urban environments that catch his eye.
Our collection are from a series of travel posters based on George's travels around the world. They are made digitally using harmonious colours throughout the series, reflecting a memory of each destination.

Guncha Kumar

Guncha is a freelance illustrator and pattern designer who loves to create all things cute, colourful and whimsical. She calls Singapore her home and enjoys the sunshine and warm tropical weather all round the year. When not working on client work, she dabbles her brush and paint an imaginary world.

Grant Skeggs

Grant Skeggs is a painter whose distinctive style is created using mixed-media on board.

Hakim Febrian

MHD Hakim Febrian, usually called Hakim was born in Depok, 1995. The artist says about themselves:
"I am the first of 4 siblings, I have worked as a graphic designer for more than 3 years working  on several brand identity projects, I am a person who tends to be an introvert, a loner and quiet  because I find it quite difficult to convey anxiety or what I feel in words, from my weakness, I think about expressing feelings, worries, and whatever I want to criticize or say whether it is family, romance or whatever by conveying it through a picture minimalist abstract because I really like minimalist design in myself, so the work that is created is what I want to say, but I don't want people to fully understand my feelings. Imagine a sentence on twitter, but I am in the form of a picture."

Hanna Söderholm

Hanna Söderholm is an illustrator, mural artist and painter from the west
coast of Sweden, now based in Bristol, UK. With a love for bold shapes, bright, contrasting colour palettes and textured details, she creates murals and work for editorial, commercial and printmaking purposes. You can find more of her work at peachyhanna.com or on her Instagram, @peachy.hanna.

      Hannah Crossland

Hannah Crossland is an artist whose work is mixed-media, originally handmade collage, then these pieces are rendered digitally. 

Hannah Kirkland

About the artist: "Hey, I’m Hannah! I'm a freelance illustrator and designer based in Manchester, UK. My love of travel has inspired me to illustrate any city that I visit, or ones which I would love to visit in the future! My illustrations are sold as prints and cards through my online print shop."

Hannah Rose

Hannah Rose is an illustrator working from Toronto, Canada. Her inspirations as an artist stem from minimalism, the female form and a blend of neutral and bright themes. You can follow Hannah Rose at @elskaacer.

Heedayah Lockman

About the artist: Heedayah Lockman is a Glasgow-based freelance illustrator and graphic designer, with an architectural background. Inspired by still life and food, she enjoys exploring colour and different techniques by using grids and patterns that contrast the shapes of everyday objects. "

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Hennie Haworth

Hennie Haworth is an illustrator who lives and works in Devon. She loves working with a big mix of materials including watercolour, felt tip pens, pencils, tipex, chalk and stickers. She loves drawing her local surroundings, buildings and nature.

Ian Halawi

"A love of colour and simplicity underlies his art. Ian Halawi is a visual artist based in the north west of England. His style mixes a minimal use of colour with graphical elements to create his pieces. “One of my main sources of inspiration are Japanese prints and I aim to evoke the same sense of balance between shape, colour and line with each piece."

      Im Yeonghwa

Im Yeonghwa is a Korean painter whose work centres around nature and botany.

Irena Goftman

About the artist: "My name is Irena Goftman and I’m a Ukrainian, based in Israel. I’m a mother of three boys and a self-taught painter, that started to draw only during the lockdown 2020. I’m an intuitive abstract painter and prefer bright, bold colors in my works. I paint mostly with acrylics but also use digital methods of painting."

Iva Masters

Iva Masters produces digital abstract designs, loosely inspired by the hardedge aesthetics. Her work examines relations of lines and shapes, colors and negative space, often resulting in striking compositions with hard edges, bold color, and heavy b&w elements, giving the work a spatial quality with a sculptural feel. The works showcased were produced during the lockdown period and beyond, in an effort to communicate complex states of social and interpersonal relations.  
Iva Masters is a multimedia artist from Zagreb, Croatia. She received her BFA in Sculpture and Extended Media from the University of South Florida. She co-designed and implemented the Interdisciplinary Project Antibiotik, an AIR program Transfusion, and was the head coordinator of Gallery Jogurt, an artist-run space located in an abandoned medical factory Medika in Zagreb, used by numerous art collectives and individuals. She exhibited in solo and group shows both domestically and internationally, and is currently working in the digital realm. 

      Ivana Ljubicic

Ivana Ljubicic’s work is mixed-media collage art, with a focus on retrofuturism and outer space, the collision of these aspects makes for fantastic visual effect. 

Jae Won Jung

Jae Won Jung is an international illustrator currently based in Seoul, Korea. She has a cultural background in Korea, China, Hong Kong, and the USA. She likes to travel and learn from various inspirations. Her illustrations are based on the subjects and the imagination, she likes to sketch out the ideas on her mind and create illustrations with adorable characters and colours.


Jamalamaja is Javier Sanchez, a Madrid-based artist. The artists work focuses on males and the Mediterranean, with different styles combining with pastel tones. 

James Bendandi

James Bendandi is an Italian-Finnish artist and printmaker in Helsinki. His monochromatic woodcuts and linocuts are carved entirely freehand, often depicting images of Finland's nature and people.

Jaromir 99

Jaromír 99, whose real name is Jaromír Švejdík, divides his time between the worlds of music and comics. He is the artist behind the Alois Nebel (2003) trilogy. He also worked as a co-screenwriter and artist on its film adaptation (2011), which was awarded Best Animated Film by the European Film Academy. He also adapted Kafka’s The Castle (2013) as a graphic novel for SelfMadeHero, which was nominated for the prestigious Eisner Award. Jaromír 99 lives and works between Prague and Rychleby mountains.

Jesse Luimes

Jesse Luimes is a digital illustration currently based in Montreal, Canada.
Her work is largely inspired by her passion for travel and often focuses on her three favourite cities: New York, London, and Montreal. Her go to design elements include a pink, orange, red, and green colour palette and the addition of plants and flowers whenever possible. Follow Jesse on Instagram (@jesseincolour) to view her full gallery of work.

      Jialei Sun

Jialei Sun is a U.S. based digital artist whose playful and colourful work us regularly centred on busy scenes and capturing a moment.

John Moro

About the artist: "Each creation has its own story, its own meaning! I try to
get the public to question themselves, to immerse themselves in their memories, to imagine the future, to become aware of art in life and of life all the way. My artistic approach goes in this direction, everything in its time, nevertheless as a great music enthusiast that I am, I would like one day to associate the image with the sound!"

Juan Pantoja

Juan Pantoja is a Graphic Designer & Artist obsessed with authenticity, indie rock, and fútbol. Captivated by what has come before, but never afraid to break new ground. His work strives to achieve a timeless and unique expression, one that is personal to the stories of people, places, and life itself. His inspiration comes from other abstract artists, the ancient worlds of Mesoamerica, Greece, and the Roman Empire, and the imperfections of the world around him.

      Julia Boese

Julia Boese creates Digital Illustrations of ordinary surroundings and everything that inspires her focusing on Interior.

Jyun "Day Sun"

Jyun is a Taiwan based illustrator. Abstract patterns are how the artist expresses themselves, by sharing those deep feelings through vivid colours, in order to "brighten up our daily life".

Katie Gorbacheva

About the artist: "My name is Katie, I’m from Ryazan, Russia. When I graduated from university, I moved to St. Petersburg. In this big city, I mastered the profession of graphic design. Returning home, I now work in the field of illustration. In my illustrations, I try to pay more attention to form, texture and colour, but first, I think about the story I want to tell. I like to combine large stylised forms and lines."

Kavindra Singh

Kavindra Singh is an India-based artist whose brilliant diverse work features different styles and approaches, often linked by their use of vibrant colour.

Kid Aroke

Kid Aroke is a graffiti artist and graphic designer from the middle east, inspired by street culture, music and old typeography.

Kim Savland

About the artist: “I’m a self-taught artist from Sweden. I have always liked drawing, but it was discovering ‘Inktober’ in 2018 that got me into drawing more frequently, finishing my drawings and drawing with pen & ink. I’ve also found that, other than being fun, creating art also works great as stress-relief and mindfulness. My art mostly consists of abstract or geometrical shapes & patterns and various lettering/typography, but I also like to experiment and try other things too. You can find more of my art on @k.savland.art on instagram.” 

Kit Rosales

Kit Rosales is a freelance designer and brand strategist based in the Philippines. He uses his background in graphic design as a study of material objects and its dissection into elements of symbols and silhouettes. His practice creates compositions made of strong lines and shapes that celebrate the character of both subject and medium.

Lea Hümbs

Lea Hümbs is an artist, made in the land of bread and punctuality: Germany. When she is not busy eating baked goods or being on time, she travels the planet. Inspired by comedy, film, people that walk by, leftovers on a plate, worms and poop, she creates nice and strange artworks, that make you feel things.

      Lian Bronshtein

Lian Bronshtein is a digital artist whose minimalist work features pastel tones and structural shapes.

Lucia Pham

About the artist: "Hi, I’m Lucia, it comes from the Latin word Lux meaning ‘light’. I am an independent visual artist and graphic designer from Vietnam. I love food, glitter things and fashion. I use bright, eye-catching colors and shapes to illustrate people and life."

Lucie Nouhant

About the artist: Lucie is a young French art director and illustrator based in Paris. She loves a lot of things, nature, fashion and lifestyle, but what she like the most is to test new things, to be able to touch everything, new color palettes, new brushes, new style...She is a very curious person who likes to learn a little more every day.

Lucy Bailey

Lucy Bailey is an artist based in Cleveland, Ohio.She received her BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art in Painting and Printmaking. She works across
a range of media including Painting, Printmaking, Fiber processes and digital media. In each piece, I try to find a balance of joyfulness and something darker which exist alongside each other in the course of an ordinary day.
You can find more of her work on her website: lucybaileyart.com and on Instagram: @lucybaileyart.

      Lucy Essex

Lucy Essex is a UK based artist whose playful illustrations focus on animals and nature.

      Melanie Roy

Melanie Roy is a French artist whose minimalist work focuses on femininity and surrealist scenes.

      Madelyn Bilsborough

Madelyn Bilsborough is a Graphic Designer from Sydney, Australia residing along the Northern Beaches. Having spent significant time abroad, a lot of her works are inspired by the vast landscapes, cultures and architecture from countries around the world as well as exposure to the outdoors and beaches growing up.

Maggie Danna

Maggie lives in Philadelphia and loves to find and portray the beauty in everyday objects. She is inspired by analog collage and likes to play with light and texture. You can see more of Maggie’s work on her Instagram.

Mani M. Kakkayur

About the artist: "I'm Mani Kakkayur, South Indian Kerala based self-made artist. After facing many hardships from childhood, I completed my bachelors degree in fine arts(BFA) from Kerala University. I am greatly inspired by works of 'Mondrian', and pioneering innovative designs and art."

      Maria Mercedes Luna Larrahona

Maria Mercedes Luna Larrahona is an Argentinian designer based in Buenos Aires. The artist says “My work is inspired in mediterranean architecture. I’m looking for recreate the fluidity of these white and ethereal spaces. I love the sensitivity of noble materials and I try to express their qualities in both my bi-dimensional and tridimensional works."
“At early childhood I was captivated by classic art and my first approach with it was thought drawing. My visual inclinations led me to study Graphic & 3D Design and after traveling to Greece and Italy I discovered a new artistic movement, Rustic Minimalism."

Marie Stum

Marie is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator graduated from LISAA Paris. She works and lives in Brittany, France. She likes to create colorful and feminine pieces, with curvy bodies. You can see more of her work on her Instagram or on her website.

      Marcos Ramos Celis

Marcos Ramos Celis is a digital designer based in Venezuela. The artists pop-art style covers themes of pop-culture and politics.

      Margaux Simonetti

Margaux Simonetti is a French artist and illustrator born in 1992. She works and lives in Paris.
Graduated from a French fine arts school, she also studied in Canada and China. Through her studies, she developed a strong know-how in painting. The painting medium and its technics became then an essential subject in her researches and the core of her artistic production. After she took part in an art research post-diploma program in Shanghai, she settled in Paris where she joined the artist-run space and artists collective Chezkit.
Through the years, she’s been working with independent curators, artists collectives and workshops as well as contemporary art institutions. These co-operations reinforced her love for visual arts and illustration. As a multi-talented artist, she now works as a freelance illustrator and artist for communication agencies, companies and art centers.
Using different technics, including oil-based paint and ink but also digital drawing, she reflects upon the limits between reality, dreams and memories, between today, tomorrow and yesterday.
She creates narrative images where people and individual uniqueness come to life in elusive but comforting decors. Her work finds inspiration in different artistic disciplines such as music, film, graphic novels or contemporary comics, but also in the Art Deco and Bahaus artistic movements. Shaping strong structures with a sharp sens of color palettes and textures combination, she creates figurative pictures in which reality and imaginary are used to tell different stories and reveal poetic moments.

Marharyta Myronenko

Marharyta Myronenko is based in Ukraine. her favourite theme is summer: bright colours, sunlight, positive emotions, positive view of the world. An architect by profession, she has an affinity for architecture and interiors.

Maria Ylvisaker

Maria Ylvisaker is an artist in Brooklyn, New York. She makes drawings and prints that draw on found photos; stories collected from friends, acquaintances, and strangers; and curiosity about nostalgia and ordinary moments. Her work has been published by Womanly Magazine and Duplikat Press, and has been shown at Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair, David & Schweitzer Contemporary, and A.I.R. Gallery. You can find her at www.mariaylvisaker.com or @maria.ylv on Instagram.

      Marianella Ines Rodriguez 

Marianella Ines Rodriguez is a Los Angeles-based Argentinian artist/illustrator/ painter whose focus is modern abstract art. She hails from Rosario Santa fé, Region. She studied illustration in Orange County, California and painting at Santa Barbara City College.

Marlene do Canto

About the artist: "I am a Portuguese motion graphic designer by day and illustrator by night. “Magana goes bold” is a digital art project that I consider as a playground with no rules to explore what inspires and surrounds me. Playing with shapes and colours is my motto, giving a touch not only experimental but also intuitive to my work, helping to express moods and feelings. The main idea is to play and having fun." 

Marta Pedroso

Marta Pedroso is an Illustration Artist and Graphic Designer based in Portugal who turns social media ordinary pictures into digital illustrations using bright vibrant colours.

      Melissa Olley

Melissa Olley is an artist whose work features intricate and complex abstract compositions using different techniques and approaches.

Melissa Taylor

About the artist: "I am Melissa Taylor, a graphic designer from London who loves illustration and hand drawn typography. I have a passion for combining clashing colours and drawing goofy faces. I always try to experiment and have fun with what I illustrate and like to draw things that make me, and hopefully others, smile."

      Meric Yurteri 

Meric Yurteri is a Turkey-based painter whose impressionist/ surrealist work is usually portrait focused.

Michael Eder

Michael Eder is a London based digital artist whose focus is on modern abstract art. Inspired by Frank Stella and Josef Albers he enjoys creating art with clean lines and loves exploring colour combinations.

Michael Hartfelder

The artist Michael Hartfelder is an enthusiastic representative of the new
avant-garde in POP ART. It impresses with its minimalist and sometimes surreal depictions. The style he developed, which is not reduced to the comics or brands used by the mainstream, inspires with his new image finding on the essentials, which he brings to the canvas with mostly geometric and reduced forms. Strong colors that capture the viewer are important to him. His trademark is the striped background, which underlines the expressiveness of his representations.
You can find more of his work on Instagram @artist_michaelhartfelder or at www.michael-hartfelder.com.

Michelle Lim

Michelle Lim is an illustrator and graphic designer based in London, UK, originally from Vancouver, Canada. Her work is heavily inspired by her travels and the magical places she encounters. She works primarily in gouache and watercolour to craft charming scenes for her viewers to enter.

Molly Hawkins

Molly Hawkins is a Bristol based visual artist, specialising in mural painting & illustration. Molly's mural work uses bright colours, shapes & patterns to create large-scale murals across buildings. Her work features worldwide across India, Mexico, Colombia and Europe. Molly's illustration work is inspired by a mix of folk art, paper-cut collage & vibrant colour schemes.

Mr Minimalist

Mr Minimalist is a digital illustrator whose minimalist pieces are inspired by photographs from around the world and created using Adobe Illustrator. 

      Natasha Lau

Natasha Lau is a designer whose work has vibrant and pastel tones, and wonderful minimalist shapes.

      Natasha Ruiz

Natasha Ruiz is a digital artist based between Morocco and France whose work focuses on females and surfing.

Nemanja Milikic

Nemanja Milikic is a graphic designer and illustrator whose work features typism and modern takes on classic techniques.

Niamh McCarthy

Niamh McCarthy is a Melbourne based designer and illustrator whose work explores the everyday in fun, vibrant and playful ways.

Nicolas Remy

Nicolas Remy is a black and white artist who used mixed media. The work covers themes from structure to surrealism to Asian culture.

      Nicolau Maspla

Nicolau Maspla is a painter whose absurdist work contains aspects of surrealism, science fiction, and food art.

Nike Lotilla

Nike Lotilla is a digital artist based in the Philippines. She is inspired by the Fauvist art style and the tropical nature of her country.

Nuria Esquenazi

Nuria is a painter and artist based in Buenos Aires, whose work touches on botany, femininity, and the beauty in the everyday. 

Nuria Herrero

Originally from Lleida and born in 1981, Nuria Herrero studied illustration at the Massana School in Barcelona. For years she has combined painting exhibitions with social-themed illustration projects.

Oriane Marie

Oriane Marie is a French illustrator who loves movies. She tries to express the complexity of feelings and emotions through her illustrations.


"Ovcharka is a team of two female illustrators who live in the south of Russia near the black sea. We are inspired by vintage cartoons from the 1930s-1960s and rubber hose style. Ovcharka's work is an amazing mix of humor through illustration, a retro vibe and graphic design."More works in their Instagram

Pascal Janssen

Pascal Janssen is a Belgian graphic designer who creates digital collages which explore surreal landscapes and spaces which are inspired by lucid dreaming and are aesthetically influenced by arabic architecture. He also combines portraiture designs with acrylic textures he creates mixing different kinds of paints.

Pallavi S.

Pallavi S is an artist from India who loves to travel and capture her travel experiences through art. 17 countries and counting, her travel illustrations are intricately detailed and hand painted with gouache colours. Find her work on instagram @brushstrokesbyps.

Pierre Tassin

Pierre Tassin is a designer and illustrator graduate from ENSAAMA, Paris. He was born in 1994 in Saint Louis, Reunion Island, a small island close to Madagascar. Graffiti artist and painter, he started to work on digital painting in 2020. His artworks are peaceful, with a colorful and minimalist spirit, talking about oniric interpretation of everyday details. He loves to let the subject breathe in a big empty and vibrant space.

Polina Caprice

Polina is an illustrator and motion designer based in Russia. Her work uses minimalist silhouettes with vivid colour, mainly focussing on females and travel. 

Polina Jakimova

Polina Jakimova is an illustrator and DIY maker based in Hanover, Germany. She uses a bright and colourful palette as well as simple shapes and paints basically everything she sees around her, which is mostly still life at the moment. 

Prema Warde

"I’m Prema Warde, a London based Illustrator who loves to experiment with digital design. I focus on creating artworks with bright colours, textures and patterns to express myself. I am constantly aiming to develop my illustrative style as well as picking up new skills on the way."

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      Printed Originals

Printed Originals art prints are originals from within the Printed Originals family ourselves, focusing on minimalist structure and travel-based designs.

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Rob Lock

Rob's work is about searching & experimenting with textures, patterns and colours. He enjoys the process of making without a specific goal, instead being guided by the process and embracing mistakes. Making textures and patterns by hand, then breaking these up into shapes and forms as paper collage.

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      Roberto Barbanti

Roberto Barbanti is an artist based in France who uses multiple disciplines. Our portfolio contains mixed-media surrealist pieces.

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Rohanne Thomson

About the artist: Rohanne Thomson is a pop-colour illustrator and designer based in Edinburgh, UK. Her work is full of vibrant palettes, bold characters and funky type that encourage play in all ages."

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Rola Studio

Based in Porto, Portugal, Rola Studio was created by Daniela Silva - a graphic designer and illustrator - that explores the wonders of the world and her mind.

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Rosie Rushton

Rosie Rushton is a Sydney-based designer whose work is predominantly graphic design focussed. Our piece was created using ink and pen and then digitally rendered.

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Rosie Park

Rosie is a self-taught illustrator and painter who is based in Korea and New Zealand.  Her work uses mixed-media to create soft, warm and rich pieces.  She loves drawing from nature and daily life, either in the past or present.  You can find more of her work at www.rosieparkart.com or Instagram @rosiepark_art.

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Sahar Achouch

Sahar Achouch is a designer whose artwork is based upon her work as a textile and surface pattern designer. This is the seventh design of the series. 

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Sandy Mondragon

Sandy Mondragon is a graphic designer and illustrator born in Mexico City now based in Los Angeles, CA. Her passion for design and art stems from its ability to transform and positively impact people's lives. Through her work she aims to reconnect us to our true essence, that which connects us to each other and the natural world around us.

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Sam Harris

Sam Harris is a London based graphic designer, illustrator and artist. His work is primarily focused on combining nature with modern graphic art. His “Un-roundbirds” project takes bird illustrations and turns them to a more abstract form by exploring shape, composition and colour.

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Sara de Medeiros Pinto

About the artist: "I’m Sara Pinto and I’m a fan of all things minimal — both in life and in illustration. I believe in simplifying. 

I’ve always felt drawn to beauty and aesthetically pleasing scenes, colour combinations and environments. I love creating smooth compositions with a fun, subtle idea behind them. I’ve been drawing since I can remember and I’m still fascinated by it.

When I’m not illustrating, you can probably find me (copy)writing or practising yoga. Up until recently, you could also find me travelling."

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Sarah Delli Colli

About the artist: "I make psychological artwork based on my experiences with the highs and lows of my mental health through drawings, paintings and illustrations, with the hopes of connecting with others who may relate. Making art for me is like falling into an endless hole within my psyche."

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      Sirotina Yulia

Sirotina Yulia is a Chinese artist based in Moscow. The playful and bright pieces cover every day scenes in a vivid colour palette.

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Sofia a Melancia

Sofia a Melancia (@sofiaamelancia) is a Portuguese illustrator, who works with the themes of the human figure, in juxtaposition with the mystical aspects of life and of the human experience. Her work draws inspiration from the art nouveau movement and applies that aesthetical aspect to her own vision of the world, resulting in colorful and light filled pieces.

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Sophie Moran

Sophie Moran is an illustrator currently based in Manchester and also studying at Manchester School of Art. She likes to create bright and fun pieces that make everyday life that little bit more interesting! 

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Souria T

Souria T is a digital artist who focuses on marble art and interpretations of statue figures.

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      Sushrut Vartak

Sushrut Vartak is an India-based designer and graphic illustrator. The artists work features minimalist silhouettes and vivid colour, usually of a subject of travel and nature scenery.

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      Suzanne Brewster

Suzanne Brewster is a watercolour artist from the UK with a focus on travel. Graduated from Norwich school of art and design in 2008. 

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      Tabatha Tramard "Boonie"

Tabatha Tramard "Boonie" is a Toulouse-based tattoo artist. The artists digital illustrations contain the same themes seen in her tattoo work.

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      Thanya Harumy

Thanya Harumy is a mixed-media artist whose neutral and earth toned work features nature, botany, and serene every day beauty.

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Till Lukat

Till Lukat is an Illustrator and award-winning Comic Artist from Berlin, Germany. He is the author of three books which have been published in a number of languages. Recently he has moved to Bristol, UK where he lives together with his girlfriend on a boat.

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Timo is an experimental graphic designer and illustrator.

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Thomas Gaudinet

Thomas Gaudinet, a graduate of the Beaux-Arts, is an illustrator from Nantes, France. His creations are characterised by digital works with graphic simplicity, flat tints of bright colours and pastels, as well as a good dose of humour and joy. Thomas is inspired by everyday life, nature, animals, food and absurd humour.

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      Tuyet Phan Ly

Tuyet Phan Ly is an artist based in Ho Chi Minh City whose painting and coloured pencil work focuses on Asian food dishes.

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Valérian Henry

About the artist: "My name is Valérian Henry, I am a young designer who graduated in 2017 from the school of fine art of Rennes in France. For my degree, I worked on playful objects linked to tales, since then I keep on working on projects and illustrations inspired by fantastics universes. I use myths, tales and legends as a raw material of creation."

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Vanessa Lubow

About the artist: "I'm a Berlin based illustrator and tattoo artist with a love for stylized art and gritty textures. I've been trying to find "my style" for years, only to come to the realisation that it's just a part of expressing ideas and there's no reason to limit myself to just one."

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Victoria Santarelli

About the artist: Victoria is an an Argentinian visual artist, based in Barcelona. Her work stems from elements of nature and esotericism, which come together in dreamlike compositions through the act of drawing – a ritual in itself"

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Yiğit Tunca

Yiğit Tunca is Turkey based sculpture and illustrator artist who works mainly in illustration. Yiğit holds a Bachelor degree in fine art from Dokuz Eylül University. A principal theme in Yiğit's work is the Conceptual, Protest and psychological, and he is also concerned future of world. He is tries to express these elements through his art.

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Yonny Kim

About the artist: "My name is Yonny Kim, Born in South Korea. After graduating high school I moved to California for college. I majored in Printmaking and I taught art students for years after college. Recently I have enjoyed working in digital forms of artwork. I am an illustrator and printmaker so I am affected by printmaking medium. So I like to work with a very small color palette and limitations that bring to my work. I like screen printing looking in digital work as well. I get inspiration from everywhere: nature, daily routine, books, movies, etc"

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Wafic Dabbous

Wafic Dabbous is a Beirut-based graphic designer whose minimalist work contains women in dream-like scenes.

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Zhana Mitkova

Zhana is a self-taught illustrator from Bulgaria inspired by everything nice and sunny. Her illustrations are colourful, relaxing and sometimes they move. She draws mostly digitally and is recently experimenting with gifs and short animations. Sprinkled with flowers, pink people and pools, the world she creates invites you to daydream and take a break. You can see more of her work on his Instagram @jeannelefthand or on her website zhanamitkova.com. 

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Zinina Zhenya

Zinina Zhenya is a Russian artist whose visits to Tokyo have inspired the love of bright colours and neon. The work juxtaposes traditional Japanese imagery with vivid neon lights. 

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Zoey Kim

About the artist: "My name is Eun Ji Kim (going by the name of Zoey), lived in Indonesia for 20 years and came back to Seoul, Korea to major in English Literature. But I always dreamt of studying arts, and the closest I could get was attending Samsung Arts and Design Institute. Currently I’m working happily as a graphic designer in Seoul! I was always contemplating on what kind of “style” I have in my drawing, but nowadays I tend to go with the flow and try to have fun with it. I love putting wit and humour into my drawings, a little something to brighten up your day :)"

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Zofia Bońkowska